Loyalty VIP Oil Change Program

Come to the pros for a change.

Our Volkswagen factory-trained technicians know your car better than anybody else, including which oil will help keep your car running safer and better for longer. And don’t forget that using the right oil conforms to the requirements of your factory warranty.

Not all synthetic oils are the same. Remember:

  • Volkswagen has developed strict standards to help ensure your car always gets the high-quality oil it deserves.
  • The right oil provides optimal lubrication and protection-even under more extreme driving conditions.
  • It also helps your car’s engine stay clean, reducing overall wear, and maximizing its performance.
  • Oil approved by VW remains more stable at higher temperatures instead of beginning to break down.
  • Regular oil changes with the right oil can improve your car’s fuel economy.*

Become a St. James Volkswagen VIP Oil Change Member today and SAVE on your oil changes.

There are two membership levels available:

  • 3 Year Membership = 6 Synthetic Oil Changes
  • 4 Year Membership = 8 Synthetic Oil Changes

VIP Oil Change Membership price is based on your vehicle’s engine size.

Call us today and become a VIP Member!



*based on fuel savings information found at fueleconomy.gov.