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*** PRICED TO CLEAR! *** Snag this 2011 Honda Odyssey on the cheap from our St James Volkswagen Value Corner Collection. What is a value corner vehicle? At St James Volkswagen, we understand that some of our customers want a great bargain, and are willing to overlook a few imperfections to get one. Sometimes they just need an inexpensive second car to run errands and fetch groceries. Maybe they need a car to start the kids driving adventures in. Or some are just looking for a simple, cheap means to get around. That's where our Value Corner comes in. Along with a Carfax report, all Value Corner vehicles come with a Mechanical Fitness Assessment telling you what is good, what needs work, and what needs replacement (VEHICLE DOES NOT COME WITH A SAFETY). It's a lot like buying a private sale vehicle, without the hassle of arranging inspections, and buying costly history reports. We do it for you and give you the straight goods, so you can make an informed decision. Do you have a trusty mechanic that can fix it on the cheap? Great! Are you a do it yourselfer that can handle the work yourself? No Problem! You want to hunt down a bargain on repairs, to go with your bargain ride? Be our guest! The choice is yours! All of our Value Corner prices include all fees; all you do is add the tax. They can be paid for with cash or a bank draft, and come with a 7 day 300 km return policy for your peace of mind. There will be a $500 restocking fee. Most value corner vehicles will not qualify for in-dealer financing. CALL/TEXT JESSE SMITH FOR ANY INQUIRIES OR TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT ON THIS VEHICLE. 204-918-4388


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*Value Corner Collection pricing excludes applicable taxes. Purchase via cash or certified bank draft only. Most Value Corner Collection vehicles will not qualify for in-dealer financing. $500 re-stocking fee will apply on all Value Corner Collection vehicle returns.